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Employees making history

Watch the videos to see how three of our people have created their own piece of history.

Alex's story

Alex Ayling was part of the team that took Peter Capaldi on a 12-day tour around the world to launch him as the new Doctor. Watch to see why it was his proudest moment at BBC Worldwide - and the hardest thing he's done in his life.

Gery's story

Gery Leymergie was given the good news: we've sold the Top Gear format in France. The bad news was it had to be on air, with a French slant, in eight months. Watch to see how his passion for great content drove him to meet the challenge.

Fiona's story

Fiona Charlton was tasked with taking the BBC Earth brand onto giant screens in museums and science centres. Walking with Dinosaurs was one of two films to launch the project. Watch to see how she found a new way to engage with audiences.

Our commitment

At BBC Worldwide, our Commitment is the deal we make with each other. The Commitment describes how we all work towards being the premium content company that inspires global audiences. Find out more about how we create a clear vision, offer development opportunities and enable people to make history.

Our commitment - six key behaviours

  • A clear direction

    We want everyone to know where we're going and how we're going to get there. So we communicate our strategy with confidence, live and breathe the values we cherish, and nurture a culture where people can thrive.

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  • World-class development

    We want to give everyone at BBC Worldwide the chance to do what they are best at - and to make a bit of history. To help you get there, we will support your learning and development, encourage you to question the accepted and take smart risks - and when you've done well, we'll recognise and communicate your achievements.

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  • Strong relationships

    Strong, open and honest relationships are at the core of how we do business, within BBC Worldwide and beyond. Our doors are always open for you to give your opinions. We'll encourage you to ask for feedback, and provide you with opportunities to get involved beyond your job.

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  • Business success

    Business success is built on simplicity and clarity. We'll take an interest in you and let you know what we expect from you. We'll explain our decisions and listen to what you have to say. This will enable you to achieve great things.

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  • Innovative and creative environment

    Original thinking leads to the great content we champion and the changes we need to move forward. This is why we've fostered an inspiring environment where creativity can flourish and our next big idea can come from anyone.

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  • Global excellence

    We aspire to be one of the world's very best content companies. Excellence is the benchmark for all of us, in everything we do. Wherever we are, we value the diversity of our people which makes our business thrive. By setting this standard, and by recognising that one size doesn't fit all, we can meet the needs of our local audiences.

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Meet Our People

  • Ailsa McIntyre

    We're people like Ailsa McIntyre

    Ailsa, who spins a lot of plates as Head of Business and Legal Affairs - Consumer Products, Music and Publishing in London.

    "It may be a cliché, but in my job no two days are ever the same. I look after a variety of different business divisions for BBC Worldwide as Business and Legal Affairs in London, from music and home entertainment to live events. So in the morning I can be working on a major publishing deal; in the afternoon I'm turning my hand to finishing off terms of trade with one of our DVD customers."

    "You need resilience, a mind-set to cope with change and the ability to move seamlessly from one job to another. Juggling lots of different tasks also requires a sense of humour! Fortunately, I've got a great team around me, and the people are definitely one of the plus points of working at BBC Worldwide. I remember one year we were charged with completing a number of key deals before year end. The pressure was on, nothing was certain, but we delivered everything to deadline. I can't tell you how proud that made me."

    "I've also been able to draw on my experience. I started my career with a major record company, worked as an in-house lawyer for a number of media companies and had spells in digital distribution, TV production and film finance. I've taken bits from each to meet the challenges of my current role."

  • Andy Fernandez

    We're people like Andy Fernandez

    Andy, who brings a fresh look and approach to every project as a Senior Producer in Singapore.

    "My career in TV production began in Bombay back in 1994 and five years later I moved to a cable and satellite television network in Singapore. I fell in love with the city and have been here ever since. I did spend a few months with a production house, but broadcast has always been my thing. Nine years ago I joined BBC Worldwide as a Producer and I haven't looked back, continually developing my broadcast skills and growing my career."

    "What I really enjoy about my job is that I have both production and management responsibilities: I'm involved in producing promotional videos, mainly for On Air but also for Sales and Marketing, but I also guide and direct creative decisions and oversee the team's workflow. The opportunity to work with premium, quality-based programming on a daily basis is all the motivation you need, and I try to bring a fresh look and approach to every project – I really put my heart and soul into every job, staying positive even when things don't go so well. I also enjoy the working culture. There's mutual respect throughout the whole team and I'm always learning from others."

  • Chris Cole

    We're people like Chris Cole

    Chris, whose entrepreneurial talents enable him to brainstorm ideas and fight fires as Senior Vice President, TV Co-Production and Sales in New York.

    "Before I joined BBC Worldwide, I spent 14 years as an executive producer and a year as part of the BBC's commissioning team. This involved working with both in-house and independent productions in the USA and UK, and delivering science and natural history projects across BBC channels. It's great to compliment and use that experience in the commercial world. My role has allowed me to develop my interests in factual entertainment, and with BBC Worldwide, you're guaranteed great content, a great brand and great people – all rolled up into one organisation."

    "I'm responsible for developing and driving strategic business growth for our factual content in North America including sales, co-productions and front list SVOD. It's about being positive, creative and entrepreneurial, and there's a lot to my role from supporting my team to brainstorming ideas on how to get the best deal done. I talk to clients, solve problems, fight fires... and generally make stuff happen! If I were to pick one highlight from my three years here, it would be negotiating a new co-production output deal with the Public Broadcasting Service in America to support the BBC's pipeline of great factual content."

  • Daniel Warne-Holland

    We're people like Daniel Warne-Holland

    Daniel, who leads a fantastic team to deliver top-class infrastructure projects and support 2,500 IT users as Global Head of Infrastructure and Operations.

    "I have been with the company for 18 months and I can honestly say that the culture at BBC Worldwide is unlike anything I've come across in my career. People are so keen to collaborate, share ideas and help each other. Nobody is unapproachable and the new Television Centre in London is really conducive to people networking with different parts of the business."

    "I'm lucky to have a fantastic team with me. Between us, we deliver top-class infrastructure projects and business-as-usual technical support for 2,500 global users in over 20 offices. Looking after a multitude of servers, hundreds of terabytes of storage, complex networks, data centres - not forgetting PC, Mac and mobile devices - is a massive job. But every day, everyone in the team is delivering something to make the business more efficient."

    "Change is constant at BBC Worldwide so there are always lots of meaty projects to get your teeth into. I left a very senior IT infrastructure role 18 months ago to come here because I wanted new challenges, and I haven't been disappointed. With my team's support, I defined a new strategy – the Infrastructure and Security Transformation Programme. This is now coming to life and integrates data centres, servers, storage, networks with a new global WAN and security solution. It shows what you can do when everyone is open-minded, resilient and positive."

  • Dawn Chang

    We're people like Dawn Chang

    Dawn, who's immersed in one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, where boundaries are continually pushed - as a Lawyer in Singapore.

    "A couple of years after I was called to the Singapore Bar, I had a contract role with a big media and entertainment company. My line manager there subsequently went on to start the BBC Worldwide Asia Business and Legal Affairs team, and I joined up with her again in 2014. I'm so glad I did, too. Everyone in my team is incredibly capable and supportive, and our different strengths really complement each other."

    "I'm also working at the heart of one of the fastest-growing emerging markets, handling all Pan-Asia and Greater China channel licensing and programme sales deals. No two territories in Asia are the same and we're often asked to find creative answers to address the needs of each territory. My remit also includes corporate affairs, live events, procurement and data protection. I get lots of calls from our sales teams across Asia about potential or ongoing deals, and I'll advise on how a deal should be structured or flag potential problems, before drafting or reviewing deal approval forms and agreements."

    "One deal particularly stands out: the joint venture agreement with Sony MSM in India to launch a co-branded Sony BBC Earth channel. The deal took the best part of a year, and the day it had to be signed involved 11th hour negotiations across different time zones - but we met the deadline. Working on deals like this, my legal skills have developed in leaps and bounds, and additionally I'm also now line-managing our team's Legal Assistant, so I'm developing my managerial skills too."

  • Jamie Ward

    We're people like Jamie Ward

    Jamie who, as Head of Global Organisation Development, loves connecting with talented, positive and engaged people.

    "It's great when you can work for an organisation you can really believe in and I really admire the content the BBC produces. And it's pretty special when you connect with people who feel the same as you do. Everyone here is so positive and engaged, ready to persevere to get the best possible results. I have a wonderful team of people whom I trust implicitly. Together, we have done some amazing things over the past year, ranging from creating and delivering a completely new management development curriculum, rolling out sales training around the world and launching a whole range of employee engagement initiatives, including the Commitment which summarises the behaviours you need to be successful in BBC Worldwide."

    "HR wasn't my first career choice. I started out in sales and marketing, and spent a few years doing some exciting stuff in Eastern Europe and South-East Asia. In the end though, I decided it wasn't for me and I moved into HR after taking an MBA and PhD in organisational behaviour at Imperial College London. After 15 years as an HR consultant, I moved to BBC Worldwide."

    "I'm based in London, but I have a global role covering the whole organisation - plenty to get my teeth into! Recently, I've been running employee feedback workshops in Los Angeles, New York and Toronto. Now we're delivering a series of leadership programmes, so we're heavily into project planning and training delivery. Probably my proudest moment in my time here is seeing how well the Global Awards (our peer-nominated recognition scheme, linked to the Commitment, recognising the best of the best from BBC Worldwide) landed and how happy the winners were. Lots of people helped with delivery, but I'm personally attached to the idea, design and implementation."

  • Jiye Eun

    We're people like Jiye Eun

    Jiye, who looks after TV clients as a Sales Executive and is part of a small team of people in South Korea who look after each other.

    "There are only five of us in our South Korea office. That, for me, makes a fantastic working atmosphere. We're all close to each other, we share ideas and information on anything each of us is doing, and help each other out when the going gets tough."

    "I joined BBC Worldwide four years ago as a Sales Administrator, which was my first job after university. After a couple of years I veered more towards the sales side, building on my client relationships - which was better than starting from scratch - and I now have my own portfolio of TV clients. Many clients look for different genres or new approaches to subjects, and I make pitching decks and programme lists which I feel will meet their tastes and situations. It's about meeting expectations and I contact clients regularly to see what they need. I consider myself strong-minded with a sense of responsibility, and it's a matter of principle to finish a project on time."

    "It helps that I'm really passionate about the content we sell and being part of a brand as reliable and trusted as the BBC. Whether it's a client, friend or family member complimenting our quality content... or I'm walking down the street and people say they love Doctor Who or Sherlock, I feel very proud."

  • Katrina Norton-Knight

    We're people like Katrina Norton-Knight

    Katrina, who won the 2014 Innovation Award in her dream job of Head of Channels Advertising and Brand Partnerships in Sydney.

    "I started out in TV sales before moving into a sponsorship role. I then spent three years working in ad sales in London before returning home to Australia - working briefly at MTV before getting a job at BBC Worldwide."

    "I focus on driving revenue for BBC Channels Ad Sales and promoting brand partnership across the business. So I'm constantly liaising with our Ad Sales houses, MCN and Sky, to ensure we're hitting targets and working with internal departments to identify new cross-platform sponsorship and partnership opportunities."

    "It really has proved to be my dream job. It was awesome to win the 2014 Innovation Award for my work in securing a channel sponsor for our brand new channel, BBC First. And I love the people aspect of my role. I believe in having open lines of communication. This encourages new ideas and ways of thinking and I can learn from those around me. People are as friendly and welcoming as they were when I joined BBC Worldwide five years ago. Everyone gets along and genuinely likes hanging out together."

  • Matthew Davy

    We're people like Matthew Davy

    Matthew, who thrives giving well-rounded advice on major deals as a Legal Counsel in Sydney.

    "I initially worked in the music industry. It wasn't all it was cracked up to be, but it did ignite my interest in intellectual property. So I got a law degree, spent two years cutting my legal teeth at a law firm and then moved in-house at Sony Pictures before joining BBC Worldwide in London. Then, in 2012, I took the plunge and emigrated to Australia. I re-qualified as an Australian solicitor at Sydney University while working in the Legal team at BBC Worldwide ANZ."

    "I was advised by my first manager in the London office to build relationships with different departments and that was the best career advice I've ever been given. BBC Worldwide is so diverse and spending time with colleagues in different areas has been invaluable. Being able to see the bigger picture helps an in-house lawyer like me to 'swap hats' and give well-rounded and well-thought-through advice. I've been lucky to work on a range of projects from major SVOD deals to internal corporate matters such as our office relocation - an epic project, to say the least!"

    "Australia's been brilliant for me. I'm a family man here and I love my job. Leaders and managers are accessible. People are friendly and supportive. And there are so many opportunities to get on. So far, so good!"

  • Roberta Allan

    We're people like Roberta Allan

    Roberta who, as Head of Programming in Australia, is passionate about great content and knows the Australian STV market like the back of her hand.

    "I'd worked my way up in broadcasting, with roles in both programming and presentation, before I came to BBC Worldwide. I knew all about the BBC's amazing content and brands. But what has really struck me is the quality of my colleagues. The business is jam-packed with skilled and enthusiastic people who are a pleasure to work with. I was invited onto our Emerging Leaders Programme and that was another chance to meet some fantastic people, from different departments and parts of the world."

    "My first job at BBC Worldwide was Programming Manager - Entertainment. I worked on UKTV Australia and UKTV New Zealand, and also helped launch BBC First. Then I took over all Australian Channels and the Australian Presentation portfolio. Now I'm Head of Programming. There's lots of content to view and I advise whether we want to bid for it. I work with the Programmers about where we should play programmes. And then there are on-air promotional campaigns, ad sales, sponsorships and making sure all the nuts and bolts are in place ready for broadcast."

    "I love content and the Australian STV market. But it's a full-on job, nevertheless. I push myself but, fortunately, still have time for a laugh."

  • Sharon Lee

    We're people like Sharon Lee

    Sharon, who loves having the freedom to change things and shape her own career as HR Coordinator in Singapore.

    "I used to work in a bank where teamwork wasn't considered that important and no-one particularly embraced creativity. BBC Worldwide has proved to be markedly different. When I joined in 2014, I was immediately struck by how vibrant the environment was. And since then, I've discovered that everyone in HR works collaboratively, both with each other and with internal business stakeholders, and people are genuinely proud of the content we provide for audiences."

    "I understand cultural differences in the workplace and I've really appreciated the opportunities to make changes to the way we do things. The proof is the number of employees in Asia who have told me how grateful they are for the improvements I've helped make to their working environment and, in turn, their personal lives."

    "My line manager has also encouraged me to take ownership of my career development and is always available for support when I need it. BBC Worldwide places huge importance on helping people to grow. I know that both from my own experience and from our current focus in HR on providing training for employees at all levels."

  • Ed Ralphs

    We're people like Ed Ralphs

    Ed, who created a piece of history helping to launch BBC Store and is now a Content Marketing Manager in London.

    "My career started as a media intern before I moved onto the creative side to be involved in several global advertising campaigns. I was working at an ad agency, mainly on the Sky account, when I was approached to work on the launch of BBC Store. It seemed like a natural transition and I loved the thought of working for the BBC. It wasn't always plain sailing but on the day of the launch everyone was buzzing. It was a big step for BBC Worldwide and generated lots of press coverage. It really did feel like we were creating a little piece of BBC history."

    "Now I've moved into a new role focused on the global marketing of drama and comedy titles that we've invested in. It's a privilege working with brilliant content and being part of a highly regarded brand that reaches mass audiences around the world. "

    "I get involved right at the start of a production, after titles have been given the green light, working with the content team, production company and other partners to pull together the positioning of each title to feed into briefs for our sales or creative teams. Reading new scripts for shows in development, writing briefs, discussing the status of projects, reviewing creative work. New ideas are always welcome and it's a pleasure to work with some really talented people at BBC Worldwide. "

  • Fiona McWilliam

    We're people like Fiona McWilliam

    Fiona, who loves the 'wow' response when she says she's a Programming Manager for the BBC in Miami.

    "The BBC is a fantastic and well-respected organisation. We're all passionate about our content, high-quality productions and strong brand. I'm proud to work here - and tell people that I work here. What's great is that everyone, at every level, pitches in to help deliver our growth and success."

    "I started out as a production assistant before I moved into the wonderful world of programming as a coordinator and planner. In 2012, I landed the role of Programming & Acquisitions Specialist at BBC Worldwide, before becoming Programming Manger a year later. There's always something going on and I have to prioritise in my job depending on what's urgent. I can be involved in budget reviews, programming strategies, issues with promotable content that doesn't make it on air, identifying Ad Sales sponsorship opportunities, you name it."

    "I'm really happy here. BBC looks after its people and the benefits package is superb. Health insurance is really useful - especially if you live in the US!"

  • Jay Jaxon

    We're people like Jay Jaxon

    Jay, who's a problem-solver extraordinaire as Operations Director in Miami.

    "Operations in Miami provides end-to-end support to our Latin America region. That means ensuring our content is secure and our people are safe, providing playout and distribution to our channels business, creating cost-efficient, sustainable and reliant workflows to the sales content team - and anything else the region needs. You can imagine how much of my day is spent solving problems; it really keeps me on my toes."

    "I started in live events before moving into the music business as an audio engineer. I then moved into TV and the rest, as they say, is history. I've been witness to some fascinating changes as we've moved from tape to tapeless, from tapeless to file-based environments, from linear TV to non-linear and video on demand platforms."

    "I decided to develop my career on the Operations side of the business and I've been at BBC Worldwide for two and a half years now. I've been fortunate to be able to build an incredible team around me, the people here really are first class. While I might have been around a bit I'm still learning, particularly on developing my leadership skills and technical knowledge."

  • Jon Penn

    We're people like Jon Penn

    Jon, who has posted three years' record revenue and profit growth as our Managing Director in Australia & New Zealand.

    "I joined BBC Worldwide in 2012 after 11 years with a global TV producer/distributor, which included four years as their CEO in Asia Pacific. As MD in Australia & New Zealand, I lead the strategy and business in the region facilitating decision making on what to do with our content, in order to maximise its market value. I liaise with clients and partners and allocate resources to teams to clear the way for them to be able to do their jobs. An important part of my role is to ensure my colleagues in London understand our business plans."

    "It has been a great three years. We've launched new linear TV channels like BBC First and sourced new ways to distribute our content via deals with Fetch TV, Netflix, Stan and Lightbox, as well as building 360 brand extensions for Doctor Who and Top Gear in retail. It's been really rewarding seeing the business thrive: we've posted three years' record revenue and profit growth in the region."

    "I must also mention our new head office, which opened in Sydney's McMahon's Point in 2015. It took two years of intensive teamwork and plenty of problem solving to complete the move, and seeing how we delivered it with so much dedication makes me very proud. It just goes to show what you can achieve when people collaborate, take measured risks and move out of their comfort zones."

  • Norman Lockhart

    We're people like Norman Lockhart

    Norman, who works with some of the best formats and content creators anywhere in broadcasting as Director of Production in London.

    "I've spent much of my early career in production management across a range of genres, from working as a runner to production managing the Eurovision Song Contest in Birmingham and directing live NTV segments on Noel's House Party. Quite a range of shows, but I've gained loads of hands-on experience - essential for when things don't go to plan!"

    "These days, my role is more about getting production underway and ensuring our formats are produced to the highest standards globally - but that provides its own buzz. We get to work with some of the best formats and content creators anywhere in broadcasting. "

    "I was lucky enough to be involved in the early development of our production companies in France and India. We had no offices in the early days so we often held meetings in local cafes to recruit staff and set up the processes to get our first commissions into production, as they had good Wi-Fi. Being a part of these two companies developing into vibrant production houses in Paris and Mumbai, not to mention the success of Dancing with the Stars in France and India and Great Bake Off and Top Gear in France, has been fantastic."

  • Will Arredondo

    We're people like Will Arredondo

    Will, who finds a delicate balance between strategy and execution as VP Brands & Commercial in Miami.

    "On a typical day, I'm helping to drive the commercial success of our global brands, as well as supporting the lines of business in our Latin America region. There's a strong strategic element in my job, but I'm also involved in execution when time is of the essence. Probably my most memorable moment at BBC Worldwide was being part of the electric Doctor Who visit to Mexico. It was great being out in the field, helping to execute an event that was so loved and appreciated by Mexican 'Whovians'. Everyone worked so hard and it was wonderful seeing it all come to fruition."

    "I've spent my career working in the media and technology industry (in brand, consumer and digital marketing, distribution and research), so I'm well-qualified to say that the BBC is one of the premier companies to work for with its well-known brands. It's also a company where I can stay true to my values and of being open and happy at all times. I'm instilling similar values in my team so we can work in an integrated way, supporting each other and advancing the company's goals. We believe that the harder we work, the more fun we should have!"